Basic Poker Strategy: Turbo Tournament

Basic Poker Strategy: Turbo Tournament
Find out what the difference is in playing a turbo online poker tournament compared to a normal and how you need to change your game to fit the faster tempo.

Turbo tournaments are often the bane of the existence of an early-to-mid-level poker players as they can to reward either a cunning player strongly or even humiliate those who are not ready for their fast growing blinds and aggressive (and are sometimes downright malicious) to play.

How can you improve your game in a turbo tournament? Let us discuss some basic changes that you make to your gameplay to other best of the online poker tables.

In a turbo multi-table tournament, can and should play in the same way as a regular tournament freezing the early blind rounds. Your game should move quite radical, but when the blinds start in terms of the average chip stack to get big.

If there is one thing of bets a significant proportion of chips in the blinds, should you be willing to go more aggressive and push yourself with a slightly wider variety of pre-flop hands and be ready to go all-in on coin toss hands when the river looks doing it.

In Turbo tournaments you have to be the aggressor for success and while I avoid playing with the term “gambling” poker most of the time to describe … that is exactly what you must be willing to do to your chip Stack high enough to get in the competition in later phases.

Sit and Go Tournaments Turbo also require a similar strategy, but your aggressiveness has a notch to be kicked. In these tournaments, the blinds increase faster in relation to the total amount of chips in play and the tournament have fewer players, which means that you have even less time to wait.

You want others to push hard and try to get into situations where you are, when you go all-in before, or again, it’s pretty much a coin toss with chips in the pot by players who no longer play games in hand.

You want to be careful, however, not risk more than a third of the chip stack before the flop if you have to go all-in and ready to walk.