Double Exposure Blackjack variant

Blackjack is an online casino game that has a number of interesting variants. Pontoon is a blackjack variation in which the dealer’sinitial cards are dealt face down. Exactly the opposite can be done. Both the first card the dealer can be uncovered. Several software vendors have adopted this concept. Microgaming calls this online casino game Double Exposure Blackjack.Realtime Gaming has its variant named as Face Up 21 This article reviews the concept as in Double Exposure Blackjack presented.

If the player can see, both the dealer’s cards are dealt, he has an advantage over the normal blackjack game. Therefore, some obstacles must be constructed as level the playing field to be. The biggest obstacle is that blackjack pays 1 to 1 and not the usual 3 to 2 Furthermore, the dealer will win all the connections up to a blackjack bound that goes to the player and the dealer can on a soft Microgaming 17 In Double meet Exposure Blackjack game rules are displayed by the cursor over the icon Rules on the screen.

Players familiar with the normal online blackjack variations, is easy to assume Microgaming Double Exposure Blackjack. Two cards are dealt to the player and two to the dealer. All four cards are dealt face up. The player can hit or stand as he wants. The trains from Split and Double are also under certain circumstances. Since the dealer’s cards are revealed, the insurance bet is unnecessary and is not available.

For best performance, the players need to follow the optimal strategy, while betting on Double Exposure Blackjack. You are not required to memorize this complicated strategy because Microgaming has made the strategy card game available. The strategy CARD button in expert mode. When the button is clicked, the strategy map is displayed on the screen. The column heading is from the dealer’s hand totals from the first two cards. The hard totals 4-20 are shown first and the soft hum 12-17 displayed next. The row header is used from the player’s hand total to the time of the move. The first section shows the hard totals 5 to 20 The second section shows the soft hum 13-20 The third section shows the pairs of the first two cards. The player has to select the appropriate row and column and read the optimal movement of the cell at the intersection. The instructions are color coded and also in the text, given an error while reading in order to prevent players from.

Microgaming goes one step further by eliminating the need, between the main screen and the strategy card before switching every movement. Players at Microgaming online casinos can be set to Double Exposure Blackjack in the Auto Play mode. Can set up in the AutoPlay box they want the number of players in order to give play offers. They can if they wish conditions that will stop the auto play before the set number of deals completed typing. The Microgaming software ensures that the Double Exposure Blackjack deals are automatically played with optimal strategy. Players who believe that this spoils the fun for them does not have to activate this function and can bet in the normal way.