Gambling and superstition

Players are known to be very superstitious people to be and in many of them there is a strong belief that adaptation to superstition, they will enjoy the graces of Lady Luck.

Gambling and superstition is the subject of many psychological studies and many of them showed that even some of the most astute and successful players have tendencies, so that superstition to guide them when they are playing or even dictate gambling patterns.

Superstitious players would try and gain access to events and meetings to determine, given the conditions, and try to replicate these conditions in the following game sessions to analyze.

The condition can investigate to relate things that had something with the game itself, as the table they sit, or what the dealer was to do them handling.

However, some players choose to focus on conditions that had nothing to do with the game they were playing. Things like the clothes they wore, or an element they had in their pocket while they played.

This kind of thinking in bizarre events led, as the players choose, always wear the same underwear as she played with or just empty pack of cigarettes in his pocket while they play.

These players can play sessions to lose on the analysis to try and determine what conditions occurred that “bad luck” and were doing everything in their power to avoid these conditions lead them play the next time.

Some gambling superstitions are not on a particular player and will not be based on personal observations, but existing beliefs that often circulate among the players rather be. Even the players who will try to test an established superstition discover that they have been engaged in a self-fulfilling prophecy by buying into superstition and the decision to test it.

The power of thought is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and it is always recommended to play the odds and to the game that players know and games that give them joy while they play, rather than succumbing to silly superstition.