Online Casino Pai Gow Poker

Online Pai Gow Poker, based on a Chinese gambling is offered in most online casinos. It falls into the category of casino poker table games, as it is poker hand rankings. Online Pai Gow Poker is played with a deck of 53 cards, including a joker.

After the Ante bet, the player is revealed seven cards and the dealer is covered seven cards. The player can not fold or raise. The seven cards into two hands must, one of five cards, the others are divided by two cards. The two-card hand has a lower ranking hand than the five-card hand. The joker can only be used as a wild card to make a straight, a flush or a straight flush. Otherwise it is used as an ace. Once the players are divided his hand revealed the dealer’s cards and automatically arranged in the best five-card hand and two-card combination. Five cards of the player’s hand is matched with five cards of the dealer and matched his two-card hand with two cards of the dealer. If the player wins both hands then he receives the payment. If the player wins and loses a hand, the other pushes the bet. If the player loses both hands then he loses his bet.

Assuming that the player uses an optimal strategy, he will win about 29% of the Games, losing about 30% of the games and tie the rest. Mathematical payoff should almost more money. In fact, the actual payment is made to the players for winning with both hands 1 to 1 But since the online casino needs to has to cover its costs, to create a house edge. In online Pai Gow Poker, this is done by charging a commission of 5% on the payouts.

In most online Pai Gow Poker games, the player can split his cards on their own or to use the house. Through the use of the house as the player makes sure that his selection is optimal and maximizes its chance of winning. But it takes the fun out of the game. Therefore, there will be many players partition the cards on their own, and then check it out with the house that way. Therefore, they enjoy both benefits. To partition the hardest hand is the one that two couples. Hold both pairs in the five card hand makes it very strong, but weakens the two card hand. Splitting pairs makes the two cards in your hand very strong, but weakens the five card hand considerably. The optimum strategy will depend on the placement of the non-pair cards. When one of the pairs 2-6 and the other pair from 2 to 10, the pairs are split before the player has a King or better in the other cards. If one of the pairs is 2-6 and the other pair is split the pairs of Jack Ass until then unless the player holds an ace in the other cards. The same rule is for two pairs of 7-10 All other pair combinations are followed always shared. While the allocation pairs must remind the players that the five cards in the hand to be ranked higher than the two card hand.