Slots are the most popular casino games at the recreational player. Beautiful graphics, bonus rounds and jackpot winnings attract people to play them.
Types of slots

The properties vary with the slots casino software. No software provides slots superior to others, but it’s good to know about basic types of slot machines and their different mechanisms.
Reel Slots

Reel slots have six fifty-seven spinning reels and one pay line in the middle. Sometimes you have to lock the symbols of the non-winning spins. Many of these slots a bonus feature, which is activated when certain symbol lands on the reels. Another alternative is that you to collect activate the bonus feature certain symbols. This type of bonus feature is called cumulative, as you always know how far you from getting the bonus round are, and you can decide whether you continue to play until you get to the bonus round.
Video Slots

The most popular type of slots video slots. They usually have 5 reels and three rows, so 15 symbols are visible. The player chooses how many lines he plays. Each line is a certain way through the rollers. For example, line 1 is usually the middle symbols on all 5 reels. Always the same symbols on a win-win line, from left to right by paying a payout table. You usually need at least three of the same symbols from left to right for a payout. Some symbols are wild and can replace a number combination for all other symbols. Getting 5 wilderness on one of the lines are usually the highest payout.

In addition to the wild symbols, there are usually scatter symbols as well. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, and they must not be on a win line or pay from left to right. Frequently simultaneously three scatter symbols on the reels activates a special bonus feature. The two most common bonus features are certain number of Free Spins bonus game or crop type. Add Free Games to spin the reels for free for certain number of spins and the player receives all profits. Often all wins are multiplied by 2 or 3 during the free games so be a large part of the total distribution in the free spins. Second type of bonus feature is a bonus reap where player takes icons on the screen and get a random game of each symbol. There are many variations of this type bonus round.

Bonus Feature Slots could be an average payout of 65% outside the bonus feature, while 30% of the payout is in the bonus feature, totaling 95% payout or 5% house advantage. Therefore, the player can expect to lose quickly, until he gets the bonus feature (or a high-paying line profit).
Progressive jackpot slots

These are roller and video slots, the particularly high payout for a jackpot that grows indefinitely, have taken up at one of the casinos software provider. However, the regular payment of the slot is usually lower at ~ 90%, because the jackpot. The latest (April 2008) big jackpot of 5.5 million dollars was won on Mega Moolah by a Finnish player.
Strategy and bonus games

The player can not rely on the result, so there is no strategy to slots. But the player can affect bet size and variance of the results. Choosing a high variance slot (as Isis Microgaming software), the player can risk for a greater victory more. Bet per line and the number of lines played affect variance. Playing more lines reduces the overall variance, but it should be noted that different lines share the same symbols, so playing 2 spins with 10 rows and 1 spin with 20 lines are not exactly the same thing. Most often players play 10-20 lines are the average variance.

For the purposes of playing a bonus on slots, a strategy that is the EV increases to make bigger bets to start and hope for a considerable victory. If you win, you can reduce the bet size to stop betting or switch to a lower variance game. This increases the probability to blow (losing bankroll), but it also increases your chances to win from the bonus. Slots are not very good option for Advantage Play as the house edge is too large usually. Still, there are some bonuses where Playthrough on Slots has the best expected value or they might be the only game allowed. However, the expected value of these bonuses may be small or negative.