As luck affects us

We have heard people say that bad things happen in threes and after the first two bad incidents those who seem to believe, to walk just waiting for that third pitch. Bring them the third occurrence on yourself by bringing you to them or did they perceive to be another unlucky event, only the third bad thing behind? Finally, bad things are relative.

And what is happiness? We have never had to wait from someone on third happiness that belongs happen to us, but some people believe that the number 3 is, in fact, a lucky number. We hear about athletes who have a happy sock for game days, but they sure do not get rid of the sock after three bears. Wehave friends, they continue to have a kind of lucky charm, but on this sacred title and not believe that it has an expiration date.

Luck at the casino

Anyone who has ever been in a casino sees rituals to bring luck in every glance: The man asks his girlfriend to blow on the dice on the table, the woman at the roulette table placed their bet on the day their child was born or the lady that goes to each slot machine until she feels lucky of a particular proceeding. Do these really affect profits of a person, or is it all just a coincidence, if a player makes it big this?

What happens if the players play with online casinos, and no one can blow on the dice? Maybe put players in online casinos on their lucky numbers, scroll through the pages of the online slots until they so much happiness deposit to play a happy lot of money into their online account or on their happy day. If they win big after the procedure in one of the above activities, it really was because of luck or chance?


Dr. Mike Aitken and Professor David mirror holder, who both work at the University of Cambridge, developed new trial BBC Lab UK, the Big Risk Test. Your goal is twofold: one is to understand how people judge to understand and take risks, and the other is to find out whether faith to find our perception of risks in everyday life of happiness influenced.

If something good happens on a particular day, this can be considered a lucky day. For example, a player at the roulette table placing a bet on the number that the day he was born, because he believes he has a better chance to win. In this case, Aitken says that there is no way that this strategy “, the probability that you are going to win are to influence.”

However, Aitken said: “The research has suggested that people who even so much happiness have actually lucky because they are more willing are taking advantage of opportunities.”

BELIEVE in luck

In 1997, two Canadian psychologists Bigl developed, better known as the belief in good luck scale, which measures how much a person believes in happiness known. Happiness is the catalyst for good things to happen or is happiness arbitrary and unpredictable? A study of scale Bigl performed discredited the idea that a person’s confidence and overall life satisfaction of happiness together. But the people than to be happy seem to be optimistic and open to the idea of a “stroke of luck” that ultimately makes them confident and optimistic.

If we decide to take a chance on something most of us use one of two things, either we assess the risk to our brain and some sort of risk analysis or we trust our gut feelings and to lead us.

Other psychologists emphasize that the belief in good luck may help people with random events such as accidents or natural disasters because people tend to be more positive direction unfortunate incidents when a situation is out of control.


So what does this mean for the online slots player or the guy who bets on his favorite football team mean? Simply, it means to the players, in particular, need to know what they bet. You need to trust their own good in acting, but in the end the knowledge is worth something. Happiness is a short guide to gambling. But you will place your bet with the knowledge of the opportunities and rules of a game in the long run, you increase your bank account, which is ultimately the reason we went to the online casino in the first place!