Internet Poker – 13 Rules to Follow

Add bad poker players to your buddy list

Online Poker – Important Notes

Playing poker is much nicer than playing against bad players good players. If you find a bad player him / her. To your Buddy List Looking at your friends list occasionally you will notice if he / she plays or come in a poker table. Use ‘Search Player is simple way to find your mate. Then double-click on a table where your friend is Player and start gambling. Some players have an option selected “Hide me from looking”. Search option not show you where these players are, but tells you if they online.Take the advantage of bonusesCasino deposit poker sites offer various types of deposit bonuses. These bonuses are worth to use it. Why do you use them when you play on a site anyway to avoid …

Write notes of all players

I can not say enough about this too much. Take notes! If you find a player to play poker in a certain way, repeating this way again and again, make notes for yourself. There are so many players that no one can remember the weaknesses and strengts every poker player. At least write notes about good / bad players.

Use 4-color deck

Why? It pays to use four-color card deck when you play at more than one table simultaneously. Almost every player has not done an error reading a card that you wanted to be on. Especially in the end of the long poker session, which is very important. To use 4-color deck.

Sneak hand from history, what your buddy played

This is a nice feature, if available, so use it. So you have the option of your “friends” are can learn to play poker. If a game to show down but your buddy meets his / her cards on the deck, it would be nice to see what cards he / she played.

Do not pay extra Blind

Play poker at a table from the big blind. There is no point to hurry up and pay to start an additional Blind Play. But acting in this way some players may think that it was now playing a professional poker. You can relieve the extra off button or cut off this effect by the payment.

Play all “free” hands

If you are going at a table not paid your blinds at the end of the game. Get a table on only “under arms” (the first seat of blinds). Be careful with auto-post blinds button. It is better to repel play your last rounds.

Note players a round

If you only play one table and there are only unknown players at a table, it is advisable to observe a round of those players. In other words blinds can actually happen (they are “sit-out”), so you can watch, play the way or the way players. You can also take notes during this warm-up lap.

Keep your computer speakers’ volume on

A man is a curious thingi.He uses his / her instincts all analysis of different situations. Can be if you keep computer voices on this feedback information completed by the ears, that’s what you see. But in the long term these voices can also harm you so remember not to play too long.

Leave learning table

You must leave the attention on a game to pay at a particular table. Is there a lot of new players? Are these players good or bad? It is not to be used to try to get back your losses stop (playing bad start), easy. If the game will be short-handed, it is better to go if you do not play properly. It’s completely different game to play as long-hand game (full table).

Make large enough buy-in

In limit games this has no effect in tactics, but play pot and no-limit games, this is very important. But it’s still important to make the buy-in is large enough. There is no point to a situation where you are. Their full hand flop and you do not have enough money to take full advantage of this situation

Have you not afraid to lose money is not

If you are afraid of losing this pot are giving advantage to other players. To play only the money you can lose and the size of the game you can without fear, something to play at your best.

Do not play $ 5 sit-and-go

There is no problem if you have no money. Go at least one size larger tables (sit-to-go), because at $ 5 rake Table 1 USD (20%) and at $ 10 table rake of $ 1 (10%).