Online roulette with progressive jackpot

The leading software provider Microgaming offers a roulette variant called Roulette Royale in its online casinos like All Slots Platinum Play, Roxy Palace and Crazy Vegas. It is perhaps the only online roulette variant with a progressive jackpot. This article discusses first the general characteristics Roulette Royale and then explains the mathematics and the viability of the progressive jackpot.

Microgaming Roulette Royale is on a European Roulette wheel has a single zero, which gives it played an advantage over the American roulette variants. Despite including the progressive jackpot is not on one of the regular features that affect other Microgaming online roulette variants. The customization options such as fast spin, are the zoom animation and sound options for the configuration of the playing surface available. Expert mode offers an auto-play feature that players can repeat a certain number of spins without manual intervention. The neighboring numbers are available and can be arranged in a suitable manner. Up to eight patterns can bet stored on the Edit option and then used for the placement of bets. Comprehensive game statistics are the Statistics menu.

Play for the progressive jackpot is mandatory in Microgaming Roulette Royale. A $ 1 bet on the progressive jackpot is automatically added to each rotation of the wheel. This is bet in the main game, a fixed amount, regardless of the amount. The progressive jackpot is as follows. In the first spin of the progressive jackpot bet is like a ante. It pays off not. In the second round of the progressive jackpot bet is taken back and thus the player’s total bet is $ 2. If the same number is called in the second spin, the player’s third spin an additional bet receives a payout of $ 15 for again $ 1 is taken and if the same number is called a third time, the player receives an additional payment of 200 $. If the same number is mentioned four times in succession, then the additional payment is $ 3,000. And the progressive jackpot is if the same number is called five times in succession then paid. In order to look at things in a broader context, if the same number is mentioned in all five spins, investments, the player gets his $ 5 and the player will win $ 3,215 and the progressive jackpot. If a different number is then defined as any time a fresh series starts.

The viability of the Microgaming Roulette Royale is dependent on the amount of the progressive jackpot. This amount will vary with time, which is understood to be a major factor. The progressive jackpot starts at $ 60,000. It grows with every spin, but not by the full $ 1 progressive jackpot bet. A certain amount of the bet contributes to the amount of seed and some of the administrative costs of the online casinos. When the progressive jackpot reset value of $ 60,000, the house edge is about 37%. The house edge is reduced by about 0.5% for each $ 10,000 increase in the progressive jackpot. When the progressive jackpot reaches about $ 780,000, the house edge to zero. On reset level Microgaming Roulette Royale is unprofitable and has very little traffic. The progressive jackpot amount creeps until it reaches about $ 780,000. After that, the house edge is negative and is beyond the expected return of over 100%. The ideal strategy is to wait until the progressive jackpot is above $ 780,000 and then Microgaming Roulette Royal.