Video Poker

Video poker is a common casino game based on five-card hand and the replacement cards. It is familiar to those who like vending machines in gas stations, bars, etc. Almost all casinos offer video poker software, but the payoff tables can be several different house edges have played. The important thing is to determine the house advantage of the payout table and select the most appropriate video poker variant. Combined to win big with a low house advantage and opportunity is video poker in general, the preferred game for many players. It is often the best choice after blackjack when playing through the bonus.
Video Poker Rules

Video poker uses a single deck of 52 cards (or 53 cards with a joker). The player has five cards from the deck. The player then selects which cards to hold and which to discard. The player can hold all the cards or discard all if he wants. New cards from the deck, pulled to replace discarded cards. The final hand pays for video poker pay table.

Note: up to 5 coins bet Normally for the highest payout for the royal flush. Even if you set max coins, you can choose a lower coin size to adjust the bet size.
Doubling up

After the hand is played, and it gains the player often has to double his profits a choice. With some software, the player can double half-half of the profits and keep the other half of the profits. Doubling player quesses if the next card is red or black, or trying to make a map, choose the higher than a random card. In any case, the probability is double is 50% and lose the probability is 50%. The player can continue doubling until it reaches certain maximum limit. Doubling has 0% house advantage and it can be used to obtain a greater profit or a goal to achieve bankroll. However, doubling increases the variance of the video poker that already have very high variance.

Note: Microgaming software has been found that the video poker double the result is determined before the player selects one of the four cards. Doubling still has the same 50% chance of winning, but you need to select on one of the four cards, since it not make a difference to worry about.